The 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online


Understanding the 5 easy ways to make money online with internet marketing

Getting how it’s done is easier when it is broken down simply to this:

1. Promoting /Selling Other Peoples Products

2. Selling Your Products /Information/Videos

3. Promoting / Selling Ads

4. Selling Online Services

5. Blogging/Copywriting/Promoting your brick and mortar store or business

The problem is

that there are dozens of ways to do these five things, and maybe hundreds of ideas of how to accomplish them; and thousands of people telling you how they did it.

That’s where it gets confusing for most newbies looking to get started, and ready to take a chance.

It can be overwhelming. You may think, “Where do I start?”

First I recommend looking the some of the qualities needed to be successful, at my post “The 5 Traits Needed to Work From Home.

We believe in ongoing personal development as what makes the biggest difference between those that succeed and those that quit. There will be posts with tools to have a powerful life and ways to create your financial independence online.  You may enjoy the video of Tony Robbins, sharing what makes the biggest difference in people achieving their dreams  on the post “What Stops You?”

We can begin to look at the best possible direction for you to take, what you need to learn to accomplish that, and which path is going to take you where you want to go. I will come back to this page and link posts as they are completed. If you have not done so yet; subscribe to BizBSocial below, you will be sent updates automatically!

There are key differences, and there’s one thing that you must understand before you start buying training programs, traffic, or writing your blog or ebook:

Ask yourself, “What is my ultimate goal?”

What your long-term goal is will have a huge impact on the what you need to learn. I will direct you to the people that are most informative, most helpful, and most successful in their respective fields so you can learn from the best!

There is a wealth of free information available, and for the last seven years I have spent HOURS, DAYS, and WEEKS  of studying detailed technical information to find the hidden gems of internet marketing.

Most of it I didn’t need, or it ended up not being relevant for what I wanted to accomplish. There were places where I stumbled; important steps that I couldn’t find answers or understandable explanations for. I always felt that there were pieces missing that kept me from fulfilling my intentions.

That’s what this site is about. The jewels I found, I will share with you. This will save you time, money, and frustration.  Also, I fill in the blanks for you. I will offer “baby steps” in case there is a gap of knowledge in an area for you too. Some of the problems have been answered with new technology and less need for coding. The best part is: the information I am sharing with you is free! I’ll explain to you as I go how I make money.

Maybe you have knowledge that will help people, and you want to be a contribution. Yes, you can make money doing that. We will talk about the options, because there are many.

Have you designed a product or written a book/made a video(s) that you need to distribute?

Do you have a hobby, passion or cause that you want to share?

Maybe you want to build a community of people sharing ideas or finding solutions to a problem.

Most of us want to make money as a long term goal, and understand it can take time.

…But maybe you need to make money as fast as possible.

There is that option too, but it requires knowing how, and minimizing the costly mistakes during the learning curve. I can make that happen faster and easier by directing you to that free training, and filling in the blanks where I see the information is confusing or lacking clarification.

It’s totally possible that you have NO IDEA what you want to do, only that you want to do SOMETHING.

What I plan to accomplish with this site, is to direct you to the right path to go down to achieve your ultimate goal, and give you the baby steps needed before you embark on that journey.

I will include explanations, definitions, and flowcharts with each path, to try to take the mystery out of it.  It’s simple, but not always easy to understand. Understanding all of this terms and paths will make your choices easier. We will look at them one-by-one, and you can click through for more information on each one that applies to what you want to achieve.

1. Promoting /Selling Other Peoples Products

If the goal is to make money as fast as possible, then you want to start with selling other people’s products through a third party broker. Right now the fastest, easiest way is through Facebook ads.

This is probably the fastest way to make money on the internet, because you can do it right now. Everything is already set up and ready to go.  It’s pretty much a plug-and-play, but there are some things to know before you go.

What is required:

A little start up cash to do testing, and purchase ad placement/traffic. ($25-$50 test money, then whatever you can spend to roll out your campaign.)

Ability to do simple math, AND understanding what it means (it may take a little time before it makes sense)

Being comfortable with the computer; example is to be able to create Facebook profiles and pages without breaking a sweat.

Determination. Always good to hang in there through the learning curve.

After you read through the rest of the list once; if this is your path, click below for more information.

Go to this link to Get started.

2. Sell Your Own Products, Services, or Information

There are many ways to sell your own products, depending on what you have to sell or promote. If you have a brick-and-mortar business and are looking to increase location sales or internet presence, you can do that too. This is a marketing strategy which you will need to understand with all of those choices. That we will break down into a few categories to make it easier to understand.

Information- I have knowledge and I want to share it with an ebook or blog

Products – I have products I want to market  (Can be done online or location-based)

Services – I have skills that I want to sell (Can be done virtually or location-based)

Each one of these options has a different path, although some of the basic knowledge is the same. Follow the links to the possible ways to accomplish the goal you have chosen.

3. Promoting / Selling Ads (Ex: Google)

This is a great goal, and there are many, many, ways to do this. Depending on your long-term goals, there are several paths you can take.

Google and other advertising agencies charge people/businesses to place ads relevant to searches on sites with a lot of views (or traffic.) They will then pay the owners of those websites based on the amount of views and/or clicks the businesses receive. Some of the most popular are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and huge amounts of small brokers that deal with multiple services.

To make money with Google ads, aka Google Adsense, you need to have really high amounts of traffic every day to your site. Unless you are a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, or have a high profile site already; this will be a longer process and may take some time.

If that is your goal, click this link and read more about your options.

I want to make money selling google ads with advertising space on my website.

3. Selling Online Services

Maybe you are a counselor, life coach, interior designer, writer, hypnotist, tutor, teacher.  You can conduct live sessions like these online, either by virtual classrooms or one-on-one sessions with a service like skype. This requires some set-up in addition to the online marketing, but we will look at ways to accomplish these goals. Marketing yourself will be key, and establishing yourself as a brand online will be the most important key to success.

4. Blogging/Copywriting

Maybe you love to write, and you want to share your view of the world, an adventure you’re having, or something difficult you went through.  You can also do research and write about subjects for other people. You can write an e-book, offer it through a third party broker, or build your own site and sell it there. All these options need specific information, which I will provide in future posts. You will need to use internet marketing so that people can find you.

There are the basics. If you are still not sure, continue on and explore them all further!

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