A Few Words About Focus


Focus and Multitasking

I have been called the queen of multitasking, and have been proud of the way I can juggle 10 things at the same time. My online journals hold ideas, solutions and strategies that are a constant “light show” in my brain; some come to me like lightening and some like twinkling stars. Lately though, I have been feeling frustrated that the number of things I’m actually accomplishing has been disappointing, that my ability to follow through to completion has diminished…and this video explains it all.

Guilty as charged! There are so many things I want to learn, see, and do, and my constant searching for new information has backfired. Is it possible that my brain has forgotten how to stay trained on one target goal? Brandon Burchard has some great advice for retraining the brain to focus.

  • A Review of Brandon Burchard's New Video "How To Stay Focused"
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