What About Us?

We make money online. We travel, we play, we love our lives.

We aren’t millionaires- yet. But we have experienced the learning curve of internet marketing that exists for those of us that are over 40.

There are many excellent internet marketing trainings out there – and I can tell you my opinion of which ones are the most effective and easy to follow.

But WAIT. There is “stuff” to learn first. We didn’t grow up with a computer in elementary school.

We didn’t have an iPhone in Junior high school.

There is a gap. I started to feel it as I took these programs….words and terminology I felt I should know.

Processes I thought I should understand.

Frustrations because I know I am intelligent, and this should be easier.

BizBSocial.com is for those with a determination to create income online. 

You may have tried online marketing before, and failed.

                             So what?  So did I. I think it is a requirement.

I found out; It’s not just knowing the “how to”, 

but  more important;

knowing the how to GET PAST whatever keeps stopping you.

This site is designed for beginners; especially those that are 40+, with some computer knowledge, a willingness to learn, and some courage and curiosity.

For those who maybe don’t know where to start…

but don’t have any more time to mess around.

This is the one-stop shop to find mentors, get motivation, encouragement, learn from other people’s mistakes, and to guide you to taking action to provide for your retirement

(or supplement it.)

Imagine designing your future~ the lifestyle you dream of…

Following in the footsteps of those that have done it before…

Get ready to get on with living a created life.    

I know you’ve given up, probably more than once,

and then something draws you back.

Why can other people make it work? Why not YOU?

Exactly; why NOT you!

Along with all the experts I’m going to introduce to you;

you may ask, “Who are we?”

Hello, I’m Wendy Huffman.

My life partner, best friend, and cheering section ~Bill Spalthoff.

Go ahead….ask me~ “Where am I?”

Writing this, 2014, I’m in Miraflores, Peru…

on an open-ended exploration trip around South America….

but I’m not sure where I’ll be when you read this.

I do know it will be somewhere where there’s internet.

Imagine your life- living FREE!                          Com’on along~Let’s go!