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Choosing a website name

Choosing a website name for your business or site is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your URL or website address is called your domain name. Depending on your goals for your site, if you want it to rank high fast, then choosing a name based on keywords that describe your site will help. When you choose a domain name for your business, it should be something that people will see and be curious enough to click on.

For instance, I created a site for a diet product review that I liked and had success with. They offer affiliate commissions for referrals. After some research with Google’s KEYWORD PLANNER, I found that was available. There are 3,600 searches for that string of words, so I purchased it. After creating keyword rich content, it comes up on the first page in that search.

It takes some time, but if your goal is to make money online, it will be worth it to do the research work now.

Here is a great blog post from Mashable with resources in helping to stimulate your imagination:

Domain Name Research Tools


Where to buy your domain name

GoDaddy is the world largest domain name registrar, and their interface is easy to learn and use.

Their customer support is FANTASTIC. They also offer discounts if you buy quantities, and send coupons occasionally to your email. I purchased several domains and realized I misspelled one, and they credited me immediately. If you are planning on buying more than one, purchase them together for the biggest discount.

Purchasing a .com or .org is recommended first, then .net; all preferred over .info. Unless you are planning on buying more than one, it never hurts to have more than one domain name pointing to your site but is not necessary. Now there are hundreds of niche extensions like .vegas, .club, .guru and .lawyer. Eventually .com will just be one of many, but according to my resources, at this point in time, Google ranks .com the best.

Special Savings! $1.49 .COMs now at GoDaddy!

Godaddy also offers web hosting, and they have a “website tonight” program for creating websites.

I prefer to use WordPress, and so does most of the world it seems. It is the number one platform for building your site.

You can learn more about WordPress from my next post.

I recommend hosting your own site, with a low cost hosting service such as Dreamhost. I have used them since 2010 and love their customer support and the interface. They have a “one-click” install for your WordPress site that literally happens in a few minutes, and they offer a 91 day money-back guarantee on their service! You can actually try it out and see how easy it is. I purchase 2 years at a time, and have unlimited space for all the websites I create for myself. I have the hosting only option, around $3 a month, not per site but for all of them, which is very reasonable. The offer an upgrade service called DreamPress, but it is about $19.95 a month for one site. If you are only going to build one site, and need the extra help, it may be worth it to you. Remember, they offer a guarantee.


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