Guerrilla Marketing for the Social Media Entrepreneur


Guerrilla Marketing for Social Media Entrepreneurs

with Jay Levinson and Shane Gibson

(Time 6:39)

What is Guerrilla Marketing for Social Media Entrepreneurs, and who is Jay Levinson?

Jay has sold over 20 million books in 64 languages, making him the most popular marketing author in recent history.

Jay and Shane together wrote the book “Guerrilla Social Media Marketing” before his death in 2010.

Jay Levinson was a game-changer; he was behind such powerful brands as the Michelin Man, The Pillsbury doughboy, the “good hands with allstate”, Morris the Cat, the Jolly Green Giant, Tony the Tiger and more.

Wikipedia defines him as the first to use the term “Guerrilla Marketing” describing ‘unconventional’ marketing tools used in cases when financial or other resources are limited or non-existent. Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, his marketing books provide training on thinking “out-of-the-box” and using imagination to engage.

What I got out of this video..

Jay Levinson

Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing

I enjoyed this video and getting a brief background on the start of Guerrilla Marketing. Check it out @ 1:57, where he talks about designing Guerrilla marketing for some long-haired entrepreneur students with brilliant ideas that needed unusual strategies; Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are among many of his students that became members of the “B” Club. (Billionaires..)

Also important words for hopeful entrepreneurs using social media and online marketing @ 3:15 that is valuable advice for everyone.

Why Guerrilla Marketing ideology is important to know for online entrepreneurs today is because it promotes making a big impact with a small budget; using imagination to reach customers that are looking for your product or service.

Jay Levinson changed advertising forever, as companies went from educating customers, to trying to connect and engage them.

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