I have felt that way too….


I have felt that way too…


Computers!!! Sometimes you think you could never live without them; other times you want to bury it in the backyard. I have walked away for awhile, but I always come back.This site is designed for people interested in making money online; new to internet marketing, with basic computer skills. All ages are welcome to join us, but I’m betting it will be most helpful for those that are 50 and up. If You want to create some income on the web for retirement, you have to start now.

Frustration is normal

..especially when you are learning something new…I have felt that way, you’ve felt that way. I’m inviting you to grab some coffee and let off some steam, and maybe you will be re-inspired when the java’s gone. (I meant real coffee…not javascript programming.)

Also I want to encourage and acknowledge you to keep up the good work! Learning something new stimulates the brain and keeps us young! Computers are all about details. I hope I can assist you with the learning curve so you feel more confident, more competent, so you are on your way to building something that you can be proud of, that will contribute to your life aesthetically and financially.

We can have a love-hate relationship with our computer

I have felt that way and they don’t mind! But stay tuned; for those that are determined, I think I can fill in the blanks and help you get over the hump. Stick with me; I’ll show you the way.

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