What is THE LIST?


If you are wondering “What is The List”

or what is List-building; here is the answer.


The list is a list of email addresses of people that hopefully are interested in what you have to offer, whether it is content, products, advice, photographs, or whatever you have decided that you website is going to be about.


Many people now feel that driving traffic to your site is the “old” way of doing things, and now it is all about the list.


It makes sense, since traffic that finds yours site is gone, and then you have to start over trying to get new people to find your again, or somehow remind those people that found you once to come back.


Building a list is more efficient.

Instead of focusing on new traffic, much more valuable is a list of reliable customers that you have built a relationship with and that are interested in what you have to say.


That is why every site that you go to anymore asks you for your email address. If you like the site and want to be reminded to visit again, give it! Many times there will be an incentive, like a free product, e-book, or something to entice you to let them know who you are, so that they can send you information you are interested in sometime in the future.


The good news is; everyone has an easy unsubscribe button.

When traveling I sign up for special information and discounts about an area we are going to visit. After we are done, I no longer want to receive information about their specials or events, and I unsubscribe. There should be a link at the bottom of every email you send (or receive) that makes it simple to unsubscribe. After all, you only want people on your list that are interested, right? It costs to send email to the list, so you do want people to unsubscribe that have zero interest in what you are doing.

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