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How You Can Learn to

Sell Other Peoples Products Online-


This is how you can sell other peoples products online- The Process Simplified

Understanding how to sell other peoples products online and the steps to the process is key to making money.

This is a very important concept to understand before you move forward.

The flowchart shows the steps of the process, and this is good to start out with. (Click to enlarge.)

  1. A business has a product that they want to sell, and they take it to the Affiliate Marketplace.
  2. They deposit commissions and sales material to help affiliates market their product.
  3. Affiliates go to the marketplace to find products to sell. They download the sales material (banners, links, pages) and set up an advertising campaign (on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) for the product.
  4. A customer sees the ad, and clicks the link, which takes them to the businesses website. A tracking cookie tells the business and the Affiliate Marketplace that a sale was made by this affiliate. The business ships the product to the customer, or the customer receives a downloadable product instantly.
  5. The Affiliate Marketplace pays a commission to the Affiliate Marketer by depositing it directly in their checking account.
  6. Everyone is happy!

There are multiple ways to sell the products once you find them, and plenty of tricks and tips on having success. There are many trainings out there you can buy that will take you step-by-step, and I will review some of them on this site. Once you feel you have enough understanding, you may want to consider purchasing one of them, depending on the path that you have chosen to follow. If you purchase it from my site, as an affiliate, I will earn a commission, and that is how I pay for the site and earn my lifestyle.

I always purchase affiliate products through someone I know if possible. Just like a brick-and-mortar business, I like doing business with people I know and like. When I decide to purchase a product, I go out of my way to find someone I know, whenever possible, so that I can support their online business. We are entrepreneurs, and we are a special community. We share knowledge to help each other so that we can all become successful. I have no problem spending money on products that I know will help me, and there is always a money-back guarantee. I hope that you choose to join us, and make money selling other peoples products online.

Later there will be additional training on steps you can add to increase your long-term income. For now we want to keep it simple!


Next, we take a look at the Affiliate Marketplace.

You can find products to sell other peoples products online at the top places to go: and

Learn more about them here:

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