The Top 5 Traits Needed To Make Money Online and Work From Home


Do you have what it takes?

Do you have the Top 5 Traits

Needed To Make Money From Home?

Do you want to make money online and work from home? Write a blog, or market products online to create income that will substantially improve your lifestyle? These are my top 5 picks of traits you need to learn how to make money online and work from home: especially true for the inexperienced individual looking to start fresh and build something for their future.

The most important ingredients from my experience are:

Passion for the subject Create a site or market a hobby, interest, product or subject that you care about. You must do research and understand your subject in order to make money online and work from home, by discussing it, sharing it on social networks, and implement marketing strategies for it. Desire to make a difference for others Contribution is a powerful motivator, and is fulfilling! Connecting with other people that share the same passion causes a connection that improves all of your lives. Determination to not quit until you achieve your goal You will hit speed bumps and road blocks. Frustration will be on the path; just don’t throw in the towel. Take a break and work on another aspect of your plan until you can resolve it. That’s what blogs and forums are for. Courage to learn and grow Learning is exciting and invigorating if you view it that way. Stimulating the mind keeps the brain young! Keep a sense of wonderment and focus on your progress, not the speed bumps. I recommend keeping a journal so you can reflect back on the journey. It’s kind of simple, but not easy. But it’s worth it if you want to find a way to make money online and work from home Belief in the process. is about creating income;  enough to make a substantial difference in your lifestyle. Whether for retirement later, or now; You can do this! Follow those that have been successful; not those that haven’t. There is a methodical, step-by-step process and the key is taking one step at a time.

Below is a review of an article posted by UC San Francisco on the same subject.

My point of view is from the perspective of whether or not one can be successful making money online for themselves, not necessarily as a career choice. I thought a comparison of thought would be appropriate, so that no one will get discouraged thinking they aren’t a good fit if they do not have these 5 traits. According to UC San Francisco, These are the top FIVE traits needed (with my response and personal insight below each one.)

Competitive Nature Effective Internet marketing doesn’t occur in a vacuum. You need to be aware of who your competitors are, and you should have some idea of what they’re doing right, as well as what can be improved upon. By tracking other Internet marketers’ efforts, you’ll have the insights you need to optimize your own campaigns. (1)

My response: I don’t agree. I personally do not have a competitive nature. However, I am very determined for my own achievement, but I do not compare myself to anyone else. In fact, Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing and the most widely read author on the subject of marketing says that in Social Media marketing, you have to give up the old school domination attitude and replace it with a cooperative one. We all succeed together; much more in line with my values. See the video of Jay Levinson here 

Excellent Problem-Solving Skills

Before you launch your first interactive marketing efforts, you first need to set goals and objectives, and determine the tools and tactics necessary to achieve them. That’s where strong problem-solving skills come into play. In addition, the most effective Internet marketing campaigns are constantly reviewed and adjusted to maximize their success – so you should always be thinking about what you can do better.(1)

My Response: This I completely agree with; the key word being again; determination. If you are not strong in problem-solving skills, problem analysis will do. The steps to take are determined by the path you choose; we will be discussing this in detail in future posts.  Most important; you need to be determined to push through the roadblock and resolve whatever is stopping you or not working. Some people have excellent delegation skills; that will do!

Fluency in Math and Analysis You may not immediately make the connection as to how math and analytical skills benefit Internet marketers. However, if you’re planning to use paid search advertising and bid on search terms, math skills come in very handy. In addition, every Internet marketer should be using Google Analytics and other tracking and reporting tools to monitor traffic and conversions. But it’s not enough to have great and plentiful data; you have to be able to interpret the numbers and understand how to use them to your advantage.(1)

My Response: There are people you can hire to do this analysis for you. It is helpful to learn (and exciting to watch) Google analytics and other analysis tools, and understand what is happening; but do not let this intimidate you. You can still make money online and work from home without this being a strength.

 Creativity  Successful Internet marketers often have solid copywriting and design skills, or a creative team to carry out those functions. However, that’s not the only place creativity is required – innovation is essential in terms of planning and executing effective Internet marketing campaigns. It’s not enough to identify your leading competitors and copy what they’re doing; the only way you’ll surpass them is by coming up with new and better ways to promote your product, site or service.(1)

My Response: Yes, creativity and/or innovation are very helpful! However, being able to follow someone else’s strategies would suffice. You do not need to dominate a market to create income for your retirement; you only need to find your niche and provide excellent information, service and/or products, and connect the dots with someone else’s successful marketing strategy.

A Passion for Lifelong Learning Interactive marketing is a dynamic, constantly evolving field. If you’ve picked up some skills on your own or through one-day seminars, you’re likely overlooking many different areas that could be used to increase awareness and boost conversions. If you are committed to continuous learning, you’ll broaden your skills and knowledge while keeping up with the latest developments. Make it a priority to explore all of the Internet marketing courses available to you, and enhance your capabilities in any areas in which you may be lacking. (1)

My Response: Absolutely! This is true for success in life!  The How-To is knowledge you can learn, and learning will give you belief in yourself! It’s so worth the effort to learn how to make money online and work from home, and build income for your future.  Make sure you get on the list to receive updates from this site! Reference: (1)

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