What is Affiliate Marketing?


Just what is Affiliate Marketing,

and how can I earn Affiliate Commissions?

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What is Affiliate marketing? It is how millions of products are sold on the web. Clickbank alone has sold $3,000,000,000 in products.

An affiliate commission is what a person earns by selling a product online.



Whether you are going through Clickbank.com, or Shareasale.com, or any other marketplace, you will earn a commission for any products you sell online. You must promote the products through social media, build a website, or pay for advertising in order to get traffic and get the product out there to make money. It is a simple concept, but not always easily accomplished.


How does it work?

This is done with links and cookies.


The link is a url address to the vendors site that is coded with your affiliate identification. In clickbank, this is called a hoplink, and you put your username in the link provided by the vendor.

Many vendors provide banners and links, and you must be sure that your affiliate id is in it, or you will not get paid.



If it is a link, it is simple to test. Copy the link into your address bar, and go to the product purchase page. At the bottom, it should say “Affiliate=your id”. If it doesn’t, you will not get paid. It is a rookie mistake that I am sure everyone makes at least once.



(This is a great site to teach yourself programming and HTML FREE. If you have simple questions, you can find a lot of answers here. Watch out that you don’t get distracted, as it is a rabbit hole for the curious.)

The largest digital marketplace is undoubtably Clickbank. They just launched Clickbank University which is full training and website help for newbies. I am enrolled myself although I’ve been doing this for 7 years because I think the training is so valuable.

There is an annual fee, or a higher monthly fee to join. Go to my page on Clickbank for my review.

For physical products, I recommend Shareasale.com. They have huge online retailers, and upper-end products.

I would make the choice based on the way you want to approach your online business.

See more about them here:



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